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Also, her deep feelings for Shido are always present, regardless of her current personality and, furthermore, they even help her remember who she truly is, no matter what the situation is: Shido's little sister.Kotori was born in the Itsuka household as the only child until her parents adopted Shido when she was still very little; 5 years ago (before the main story) Kotori somehow became a spirit while, at the same time, her brother somehow gained the ability to seal the Spirits' powers, but neither of them could remember about that incident.Not long afterwards, she was told about the method of how to seal her power by the same being that had given her that power; when all was said and done and her power was sealed, Kotori and Shido, who seems to have the ability to seal Kotori's power, have their memories of that event suppressed.

If you are in the mood for an up beat feel good movie with a lot of laughs this is a pleasantly easy watch, that the whole family can enjoy.

It could be said that battling strong opponents (and utterly destroying them) is her only interest.

In all three cases, Kotori seems to have a 'S' side.

I sat down with my kids and was just so surprised by how good this movie really was.

I don't write reviews, but felt I simply had to for this one.