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And his imitation, his sort of parlor trick, was something that a young Bob Gaudio heard and decided to begin writing for, and that was really the genesis of Frankie's falsetto singing for the Four Seasons.He found the right writer, and the writer found his muse, and it was one of those magical rock and roll partnerships that opened the door for the likes of the Bee-Gees and Chicago and Queen.You know, one day we were in age makeup at the beginning of the day, and at the end of the day I was 16. It's got to be a nice ego boost to be told that you can play 16 onscreen. [Laughs] All I could take care of was the body language and the mentality, and for the rest of it, thank goodness for the makeup and hair people. What were some of the biggest differences in taking this character from stage to screen?It was a very welcome difference for me because I've done this show so many times onstage — more than 1,000 times — so I had insights about the character and very strong convictions about who he was.He told us initially that song was written for a woman, and they didn't get that song out there and make it into a hit until they gave it to Eddie Holman and a man sang it.Sometimes the record labels are not very forward-looking and you've got to just by sheer force of will find some way to get that song out there.

The way he first started doing it was by imitating Little Jimmy Scott and a female singer, Rose Murphy, in clubs.

It's hilarious to think that the record label's initial reaction to "Can't Take My Eyes" off of you was that they couldn't do anything with it. I released an album recently of R&B songs from that era called "My Turn," and one of the songs on that album is "Hey There Lonely Girl," the Eddie Holman song.

I was singing it at the Cafe Carlyle last year, and the writer of the song, who's now 93 years old, showed up and my manager and I met him.

He’s not a big feature name yet — his most notable credit alongside In his Broadway debut, he won the Tony Award, Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle and Theatre World Award in 2006 for playing Valli.

Eastwood decided to cast the film from the actors who played the roles onstage, and that’s how Young is the star of his first major studio feature, which opens Friday.