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“Yesterday we were still conducting archaeological excavations, but all 5 tombs were gone this morning.”I was channel surfing and came across this [travesty of a show]( America Unearthed.

It sounded like an interesting title so I thought I'd check it out. The "forensic geologist" Scott Wolter is claiming that ancient Phoenicians are connected to both the Stonehenge site in England, and to a pile of rocks in New Hampshire known as "America's Stonehenge". Also, the entire premise for this show is that there are things the government "doesn't want" us to know and is covering up. Ancient Aliens was bad enough, but at least that show is obviously bogus.

Oldest European Medieval Cookbook Found in England — The 12th-century recipes, 1 from France, will be made by restaurant chefs.

A major Mayan Monument had been bulldozed for roadfill aggregate. 2) A stream of posters flood into the thread to tell the OP that he/she is going to hell for picking up / having that artifact, or to lecture on the necessity of recording context.When you guys come in here guns blazing and fired up on holier-than-thou Intro to Archaeology rhetoric, you're actually doing more damage than most of the people who post artifact pictures.**You're poisoning the well.** These people come in here because they're interested in archaeology.Cars Banned From Forum & Colosseum—New mayor of Rome closes main road, built by Benito Mussolini, to protect sites & uncover forums of Nerva, Julius Caesar, Trajan, & Augustus.“I don’t think any other city in the world would've turned the Colosseum into a roundabout.”Subway Contractor Destroys Ancient Tombs——Workers have destroyed over 12 historically significant tombs ( 2,200-3,000 yrs old) on China's Da Gong Mountain.