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Customization of the character is no longer tied to power or abilities, so I can outfit myself however I want and earn new class abilities independent of my look.The town of South Park also feels like a much more interesting place to explore now.Despite these couple of technical misgivings, is another interactive journey into the minds of Matt Stone and Trey Parker.I quite literally felt like I was playing the show for the 15 hours that I spent in South Park–not surprising, given that the first game met that uncanny caliber of delivering a near perfect recreation.I force my way in, but I’ve got to work myself up from lowly street hero to a powerful icon again.It’s a cruel twist of fate that is painfully reminiscent of how children play, and yet also a mirror into how quickly society moves from one thing to the next, making the great deeds of a noble king rapidly irrelevant.

Surrounding the fart jokes and fourth graders who love to say fuck a lot, there is a brutally intelligent comedic commentary on many aspects of modern society.

Of course, I also remember being in my early twenties and pretending I was a Transformer by wearing a pizza box, so it really isn’t too far of a stretch. The kid with crutches somehow has the powers of the Flash.

turns everyday household objects into costumes and powers. Updating the simple turn-based battle system from the first, takes a tactical approach, laying the board out like a grid.

Picking up almost immediately where the first game leaves off, I was an all powerful king, but it’s not long before Cartman effectively decides that they’re done playing fantasy.

It’s time to get into the superhero game, and as the new kid, I’m not welcome to play this one with them.