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The honourees include Claude Bureau, who lost his own home, yet helped rebuild community members before rebuilding his own home; Cody Burchell brought the spirit of Christmas back to one family by working long hours and going above the call of duty to provide all the finishing touches including a real, fully decorated Christmas tree; Alfred Hoffman donated his time and resources to the community church by replacing items that had been damaged in the fire; David Mc Leod, moved his business and young family to Fort Mc Murray and started a new life helping with the process of rebuilding and restoring homes; and Shawn Chaulk supported the elders in the community and made sure they all had a home to go to.

Lowe’s Canada has opened a new model Lowe’s store in Kitchener, ON.

The store was converted from the former RONA Home and Garden and is the fourth new model Lowe’s store to open in Canada.

The store underwent a 16-week physical transformation which involved construction, departmental sequencing of new racking and re-merchandising, branding, and IT conversion, as well as providing training for employees focused on new product knowledge and customer service.

These are the risk-takers that should be rewarded for their efforts.” Jenkins says he has seen many other examples recently of the collective will of Canadian business leaders in areas such as sustainability, international trade, and business practice and he encourages readers to get involved if they believe the government of Canada is handicapping small business of the opportunity to succeed.

“We have long been a nation that underestimates our abilities.

The legislation on income sprinkling released by Finance Minister Bill Morneau, while a step towards clarity, still represents an administrative and financial burden for a number of small businesses and the families that own them, says the Coalition for Small Business Tax Fairness.

"We continue to urge the government to slow down and to listen to the recommendations from the Senate Committee on National Finance." The Senate Standing Committee on National Finance issued a report that recommends the government withdraw the proposed changes to the taxation of private corporations in Canada, or barring that, to push back their application to 2019.When Canadian business leaders band together as was done to battle the recently proposed tax changes, they effect great change, says Ken Jenkins, president of Castle Building Centres Group Ltd.Writing on his blog, ‘Insights,’ he says if Canada is to succeed, grow, and compete globally, “we need a strong, healthy environment for entrepreneurs to thrive.In the natural resource-intensive provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland and Labrador, sales activity is still running at lower levels and supply remains ample.As a result, average prices have flattened in Alberta and eased in Saskatchewan as well as in Newfoundland and Labrador, consistent with their elevated number of months of inventory.