Rover duji dating 2016

There were issues with attempting to hold Rover Fest the same weekend with those shows, Brown said, but talks continued.The wrangling was “complex,” based on timing, schedules, availability of Black River Landing and other factors, Brown said.

On July 31, the morning show host and his team on WMMS 100.7 announced the annual concert would not happen in 2017.“Rover said it, that he wasn’t going to put out half a product for his fans. They didn’t want to put together a lineup that would disappoint their fans.” Photos: Rover Fest 2016If there is another Rover Fest, it could come back to Lorain, Brown said, adding he has reached out to the radio crew to talk about future dates sooner rather than later. “They ran a good ship and the city put on a good show.Incidentally, Brown served as a Lorain Port Authority board member when Rover Fest came to Lorain, but he never attended the show. It’s unfortunate that it won’t work out this year, but we tried.” Richard Payerchin covers Lorain City Hall, business news and other interesting stories for The Morning Journal.Once the Port Authority and Rockin’ on the River had their schedules set, a tentative Rover Fest date was for the weekend of July 15.However, Live Nation planned back-to-back concerts in Cleveland with Billy Joel on July 14 and Luke Bryan on July 15.