Dwp backdating claims while it is being updating

The claim will be regarded as defective (see below) unless the claimant provides during the call all the information needed to determine the claim.5 A claimant can always choose to make a claim in writing.6As with all benefits, the DWP must supply a claimant with an ESA claim form free of charge when notified of an intention to claim.7A valid written claim must be made on the approved claim form in accordance with the form's instructions.It appears that a claim not made on the approved form, or a form which can be treated as an ESA claim, or not made as per the instructions, will be regarded as defective (see below).ESA has two elements: contributory ESA for people who have paid sufficient National Insurance contributions and income-related ESA for those who are on a low income. The Government is starting to replace Income-related ESA with Universal Credit.ESA has two phases: first, an assessment phase during which Jobcentre Plus assess your capability for work.A person must make a claim to be entitled to ESA.2The only exception is where a person has made and is pursuing an appeal against a decision that they do not have limited capability for work:3no new claim is needed in such a case and so ESA should be put back in payment when an appeal is made.A claim for ESA can be made by a telephone call 4to 08 (8am to 6pm Monday to Friday) or textphone 08 unless the decision maker directs it must be made in writing.

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ESA is a single benefit that you can break down into sets of twos.ESA has two groups: you will be placed into one of two groups - a support group or a work-related activity group - based on the results of the second test.People in the support group receive more ESA and do not have to attend interviews with a Jobcentre Plus adviser.If the claimant corrects this defect (ie, by providing the required information) within one month,9or such longer period as is reasonable, of the date on which the DWP last drew attention to the defect then the claim is treated as if it had been properly made in the first instance.The date on which a claim is made 10is important as, unless it can be backdated, a claimant cannot receive ESA for any period before the date on which the claim is made.