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“In response to some recent concerns raised regarding Myspace user account reactivation, we have enhanced our process by adding an additional verification step to avoid improper access,” Myspace told the Next Web. - Animals (393) - Animated gif (1212) - Anime Female (620) - Anime Male (481) - Cars (121) - Cartoons (538) - Childrens (133) - Celebrities (867) - Comics Creatures (141) - Comics Female (265) - Comics Male (217) - Eye Pictures (105) - Fantasy Creatures (376) - Fantasy Female (464) - Fantasy Male (504) - Frames (210) - Funny Avatars (160) - Girls collection (521) - Gothic Horror (896) - Military (1272) - Movies Creatures (233) - Movies Female(256) - Movies Male (548) - Music Female(43) - Music Male(241) - Mysticism (261) - Nature (709) - Scifi Battletech (168) - Scifi Creatures(226) - Scifi Female(501) - Scifi Male (495) - Sport (145) - Video Games (901) - Miscellaneous(398) Avatars are small pictures that are used to represent yourself during online chatting, blogging, dating and on websites.“The full name and the username of the account holder can be found from a simple google.Username is located in the profile url, and name is located on the profile page.Myspace was the hippest, hottest social media site before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram hit the market.Everyone had a My Space page, but the site was created for those Gen Y users who loved music and wanted a page that could express who they were.They’ve recently added a music player visitors can use without signing up for an account to listen to music free.The radio stations are searchable and customizable and you can skip as many times as you like without penalty, unlike other virtual radio stations.

Like most businesses, a contact address is listed in the Privacy Policy. This site is all about music, expression and connection.

However, though most people no longer use Myspace, you might not have actually deleted your account yet.

Chances are, you forgot about it, set it up so long ago that you no longer remember your login details, or no longer use the email address you set it up with.

In place of a customer service team, Myspace offers a HELP and FAQs section with answers to commonly asked questions.

These answers, along with tons of tutorials online, are the backbone of Myspace customer service.