Definition of absolute dating of fossils

Reading about past wars or visiting memorials like the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.

C., inevitably raises the same question, “How can there be a loving God controlling the universe in the light of such death and suffering?

by Dr Jonathan Sarfati The origin of death and suffering is vitally important in defending Christianity, and many people use the present suffering and death as an excuse not to believe.

This morally evil deed led many to question why a loving God would allow such evil acts.

As a result, we produced the earlier version of this booklet, now available online at

And of course, this wasn’t even close to the worst mass murder by evil men or regimes.

A consistent biblical answer points out that death is an intruder, so it is not part of God’s original creation, but is ultimately due to man’s sin.

However, according to theology that accommodates long ages, death has always been with us, and theistic evolution even says that God used this ‘last enemy’ as His means of producing His “very good” creation!