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In 2007 the City of Austin’s Park Department purchased 28 acres (700 Grove Blvd) adjacent to the Roy Guerrero Park on Grove Boulevard.The 28 acres has wetlands, natural springs, huge trees, plants and is home to wildlife (deer, foxes, birds etc.). This site needs to become a Preserve and not home to disc golf.City Manager Ott talked vistied housing development by AHFC, American Youth Works & Habitat for Humanity.

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The YSJ recommended that the City Council consider the importance of youth services and employment when making tough decisions about the budget.We propose the following in order to keep our neighborhood schools open:1.AISD and community leaders must demand that state legislators fulfill their obligations by releasing some of the .2 billion in the rainy day funds to assist education shortfalls.2.East Austin needs your support in protecting the health of our children and the residents that live in the area. The City Council should use the Affordable Housing Bond money ( million) to purchase the site.It is crucial that we let the City Council and Pure Casting know that we will not allow children to be exposed to hazardous chemicals! This site abuts to the property owned by the City of Austin (the Brown Building on Chicon & E. Call you Mayor Will Wynn Council members at 974-2250.