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Seventy years since Turing’s paper, a myriad of discoveries of animal (including human) intelligence call for a more nuanced understanding of this concept.Our challenge is to develop a unified explanatory description of the similarities and differences between animal and machine intelligence.Read more The living world is alight with bright sparks of intelligence.They form a brilliant constellation of differences and capacities that remain largely unexplored.But we have only a nascent understanding of how they perceive their social interactions.


Through a series of rigorous scientific experiments, this project seeks to develop a more empirical approach to understanding consciousness in diverse species.Yale University’s David Rand is using an innovative approach to explore the fascinating origins of our social intelligence.Birds use tools and collaborate in fascinating ways.What can the way they build nests teach us about intelligence in the animal kingdom? Susan Healy from the University of St Andrews aims to shed light on the evolution of intelligence.How do humans make decisions under time constraints?