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The main challenge lies in using it in compliance with TEI, now the de facto (or at least generally preferred) standard for marking up texts in digital form in the humanities.

The Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) is an international consortium whose purpose is to formulate sound guidelines for the representation of texts in digital form.

The *selgā project therefore aims to fill this gap by building an index to as many written texts and manuscripts as can be considered relevant to the field of Celtic studies.

This will cover anything from the Mabinogion to the Ulster Cycle, from observers of the Graeco-Roman world to the Irish mirabilia of an Old Norse king's mirror, from Celtic hagiography and martyrologies to Otherworldly tales of adventure, from continental glosses to Cornish charters, and so on.

It’s all about the music, the harmonies and the fun.

The Celtic Tenors will perform classical arias, a capellas, hauntingly beautiful Celtic harmonies, and popular contemporary songs.

It hardly needs explaining that primary sources are fundamental to the study of Celtic languages and cultures.Likewise, we welcome any corrections or suggestions sent to this address.There are not, in principle, any real restrictions to the range of an editor's contributions, as long as one does not stray too far from the intended scope of the project.Media Wiki syntax, which differs from HTML or XML, is known to be slightly idiosyncratic and probably worst of all, difficult to parse, so that it would require some special treatment.Initiatives to adapt Media Wiki for use in line with TEI standards are still very much in development.