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The story is set before the first seven books in the series, and follows the early days of the title character's journalism career.Fletch scores his first big interview, only to have the subject turn up dead in the newspaper's parking lot.One of the Ministry’s overarching goals is to harmonize economic and ecological interests.A profitable and innovative economy coupled with the location-specific advantages offered by an intact cultivated landscape with pure water and clean air is most in tune with the protection of nature.

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Die Spitzen der großen Koalition hatten sich am Donnerstag nach wochenlangem Streit auf ein umfassendes Asylpaket zur Bewältigung des massiven Flüchtlingsandrangs geeinigt. Die Opposition aus Linkspartei und Grünen hat den Asylkompromiss der schwarz-roten Koalition zur Bewältigung des Flüchtlingsandrangs als unzureichend kritisiert.Since three quarters of Schleswig-Holstein’s borders are demarcated by the waters of the Elbe River, the Baltic and the North Sea, coastal and ocean protection and flood control naturally play an important role as well.Moreover, the fields of climate protection, nature conservation and the protection of endangered species are given high priority and are included in the Ministry’s permanent portfolio.Fletch is now charged with investigating a whorehouse—which he does.However, he is not about to give up on the Habeck story, the circumstances of which seem mighty suspicious, especially when Fletch starts to suspect that the legal firm Habeck worked for is one of the most crooked firms around.