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Maybe it was divorce rate reports on the evening news, The Real Housewives of Orange County, or any daytime talk show where husbands and wives dramatically reveal their betrayals.

Everywhere she looked, Fawn saw negative portrayals of marriage dominating the airwaves and dooming everyone to failure.

"Get ready for a global adventure – literally – where you will visit modern-day marvels of marriage done right. " Fawn Weaver, a successful business executive and marriage advocate, noticed a disturbing trend.

Fawn Weaver, your personal travel guide, is a master storyteller and pathfinder. Marriage and wives were caricatured in nearly every form of media, and marriage was getting a bad rap.

On a whim, she started the blog Happy Wives and sent the link to 5 friends.

What started as a casual invitation to five women exploded into an international online club with over 1,000,000 members in more than 110 countries.

In age of struggling marriages, Happy Wives Club couldn't be more timely!It brought a smile to my face and warmth in my heart as she replayed the stories of these women and their relationships with their husbands.Happy Wives Club reassures us that marriages do and can work if there is love, faith, trust, and respect for one another.Her debut book, Happy Wives Club, is a journey to 12 countries and 6 continents in search of the universal secret to a happy marriage.Fawn and her husband of twelve years, Keith, live in Agoura Hills.