Tina fey dating

Age 5: While playing in the yard outside her house, a sociopathic stranger walks up and cuts her face open with a knife.She thinks he just marked her with a pen until the blood starts dripping.Age 0: Born May 18, 1970 to parents Donald and Jeanne Fey in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.Her dad is of German descent, looks like Clint Eastwood, and likes reading comedy books. This combination instills in her a German work ethic and a Greek zaniness. Tina describes him as ‘travel-size.’ When I saw him, I thought, What’s she doing with him?

While taking night classes at Second City, works the front desk at the YMCA to pay for her classes.

She is not your typical abstinence crusader (like, say, A. In any case, Tina Fey has only had sex with one man, who is also her husband of ten years and the father of her children.

She may not have waited all the way until marriage, but she certainly waited until she met the man she would later marry, and then she stuck with him through all her rising stardom.

Age 29: Loses 30 pounds, grows her hair out, and puts on some sexy librarian glasses.

The management of SNL begins to consider putting Tina in front of the camera. Age 30: Steps out of the writing room and begins performing in SNL sketches as an actress, most notably as the head anchor on the mock-news “Weekend Update” segment.