Sext chats

But I feel like actually, you’re using up all your good chat and chemistry over i Chat when you should be saving it for real live, when you’re both in the same room and there are cocktails in situ. Normally sent between 11pm and 1am on a Friday night. Now you’re back at the top of the list you lucky, lucky thing.

If you’re one of those people who is comedy gold on text, email and Facebook , but suck the very life out of the room in person, then go ahead – text away. But chances are you’re far more engaging, smart and funny in real life (almost no-one is as funny as they think they are in texts), then pick up the phone save the rambling text chats for your mum.

I disagree with the whole men versus women element of the piece because I’m both a woman and someone who hates constant texting in place of an actual conversation.

But I do agree that text messaging can be both misleading and a minefield in relationships. If he really wants to talk, why can’t he just pick the phone up?

But actually it’s the opposite of reassuring, because it creates a false sense of intimacy. How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

You feel like you’re in constant contact and they can’t get enough of you, but you have no idea who else they’re messaging at the same time.

'Sending these embarrassing messages to women online, whom I never met, was a personal failing that was hurtful to my wife and a part of my life that Huma and I have put behind us,' he wrote in the email.

Coffee man ended every text with a stream of questions, sent a follow-up message if I didn’t respond within a few hours, and replied to my increasingly monosyllabic responses instantly, with more questions.A few weeks ago, feeling bored and a couple of glasses into a bottle of wine, I texted a man who I used to see (very casually) and can still be relied upon for a bit of flirty text action (a couple of times he tried to step this up into flirty sext action, but I shot him down, because there’s nothing less sexy than sexting unless at least one of you is a former poet laureate). He then followed this barrage of Shakespearean amour with: ‘I’m really sorry, but I’ve lost all the numbers on my phone, who is this?True to form, he quickly responded, and started flirting away (I say ‘flirting’, he made some crack about needing a visit from the nurse, and stuck a winky face emoticon on the end of everything… ’ Yep – he had no idea who I was, and just put it out there to EVERYONE. I’m not even sure when he lost my number – he could have been blithely textually winking to a total stranger for months.Weiner and wife Huma Abedin made a joint appearance earlier on Tuesday saying that the latest revelations of extra-marital sexual exchanges will not cause him to drop out of the race for New York City Mayor.Weiner sent an explanatory email to his supporters on Wednesday afternoon, saying that he will 'continue to fight for New Yorkers' and that the messages that were recently revealed came at a time when he was 'working' on his marriage.