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They are hopeful that a new 'skinny' version of the same bill, which removes some key components of Obamacare but not all, will gain enough support to be voted in. ' The bill aims to cripple corruption and slave labor in three countries including Russia.The president willed them to succeed on Thursday, tweeting: 'Come on Republican Senators, you can do it on Healthcare. Rapunzel just loves having fun with her BFFs, and she's not gonna miss this meeting! You are invited to a Royal Wedding where you will take part in the bride's preparations for the wedding ceremony.Help the royal bride find the perfect wedding dress and accessories and enjoy a bea...

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'I cannot imagine anybody is seriously thinking about vetoing this bill. John Mc Cain said: 'Over the last eight months what price has Russia paid for attacking our elections? John Cornyn said it would be a 'mistake' for the president to veto the bill which is the first major legislative development of his six-month-old presidency.

It was passed with a vote of 98-2 and was earlier approved by the House with a vote of 419-3, two solid enough majorities for Congress to override the president should he veto it, a scenario which was suddenly tossed up by Anthony Scaramucci earlier in the day.

The Senate passed a new Russia sanctions bill on Thursday after it was suggested by senior White House staff that the president may not sign it.

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