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Launched to the public in 1980, the CB simulator capitalized on the explosive (if short-lived) popularity of citizen's band radio culture in American country music and movies [source: PC Magazine].

Users could exchange real-time messages (loaded with lots of CB slang) on 40 different channels, which later evolved into the concept of rooms.

about_us/image_02Klub 56 er en Sexklub for Alle frisindede M/K og Par der ønsker at ses i et hyggeligt og intimt miljøVi ligger i hjertet af københavn på Vesterbro.

Q-Link changed its name to America Online (AOL), which still uses the People Connection name for its chat and community services.

Velkommen til klub 56 video/home/Velkommen til klub 56 vi holder til i københavn, Vesterbro, Dybbølsgade 56 vi har åbent alle ugens dage fra kl 12.00 til 02.00 søndag fra 12.00-2400.

INFO home/Intimt mødested for frisindede m/k og par der ønsker at mødes i et hyggeligt intimt miljø.

Chat rooms -- like e-mail, instant messaging (IM) and online social networks -- are virtual extensions of real-world human interaction.

Chat rooms are online spaces where users communicate with one another through text-based messages.