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We also asked what they thought baby would be when he/she grew up (Her: “Whatever she wants”; him: “Princess”).We were practically rolling on the floor laughing by the end. : My friend Shara recently had a co-ed shower that the guys drank up. As she explains it, “Guys love beer, right, so we filled kiddie sippy cups with beer and pitted the guys against each other to see who could finish their sippy cup first.As a party pro, I’ve handed out plenty of advice on co-ed showers, and hosted a few of my own.Check out these ideas that are totally Daddy-friendly—and fun for all!So, to keep things light, we kept the questions light.First, the ladies and gents went to opposite sides of the room and were each given 5 pieces of cardstock with 5 questions typed on top. We passed out markers for everyone to answer the questions large enough to be read by everyone.

We served mini sandwiches and a variety of salads, and added mini barbecue sliders and beer to the menu for some “guy-friendly” fare. The mom- and dad to-be were each given mini white boards and a dry erase marker.We also played a word scramble game.” Print off this free baby shower word search from Posh Little.“We had a couples brunch for our baby shower—no games, but great fun spent socializing and eating yummy food,” recalls Amy Croushorn of Amy’s Party Ideas.We asked questions and encouraged them to test their parent-to-be knowledge!For example, we asked him what food his wife had been craving the most since she became pregnant (him: “Pizza since I had to get it for you every night”).